Arrangement Lunch

Daily lunch special  5 kinds      850~950yen
¦Grilled Fish on charcoal or Boiled fish of the season
¦Freshly steamed rice
¦Miso soup (Akadashi)
¦2 Small bowl
¦Grated radish ?Only grilles fish
(You can have free refill for rice and rated radish.)
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Arrangement Dinner

Seasonal Arrangement Dinner for 1 person 5,400yen (included the consumption tax)
¦Appetizer 3 kinds of food of the day
¦Sashimi Assortment of sliced raw fish
¦Cooked Dish
¦Charcoal-grilled fish (Two)
¦Simmered Dish
¦Special cooked rice

Blowfish Special Dinner for 1 person 10,000yen(more than 2 people/reservation required)
¦Appetizer 3 kinds of food of the day
¦Blowfish skin with ponzu sauce
¦Sashimi of blowfish
¦Fried blowfish
¦Blowfish steamboat
¦Rice porridge

Special lunch only Saturday for 1 person 3,500yen
¦Small bowl
¦Sashimi 3 kinds
¦Grilled fish on charcoal
¦Boiled cooking
¦Freshly steamed rice

à la carte

¦Mixed ashimi 1,800yen~
¦Grilled Fish on charcoal 800yen~
¦à la carte 600yen~
¦Special cooked rice 1,800yen (more than 2 people)

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